Databases of IMET RAS are integrated with information resources of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS (JIHT RAS) and M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Database on the phase diagrams of semiconductor systems "Diagram"

Database on substances with significant acousto-optical, electro-optical and nonlinear optical properties "Crystal"

Database on properties of inorganic compounds "Phases"

Database on width of forbidden zone of inorganic substances "Bandgap"

Database on properties of chemical elements "Elements"

Database of information resources on inorganic chemistry and materials science "IRIC"

The basic directions of activity:

  • development and integration of databases on properties of inorganic substances and materials;
  • computer design of new inorganic materials on the basis of use of the information of databases and methods of artificial intelligence;
  • integration of the Internet-technologies into practice of Baikov Institute.

Our researchers:

The investigations of group were supported by Russian (State Scientific and Technical Program of Russia " New Materials ", Russian Foundation of Basic Researches and Government of Moscow) and foreign (ISF and EOARD) funds and organizations.

          ABOUT US

Nadezhda N. Kiselyova
Victor A. Dudarev
Andrey V. Stolyarenko